Ever since the school lockdown was declared by the president of Uganda in March 2020 due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we have managed to equip our children and youth with a couple of skills after realizing that schools may not open soon as the vaccination has not been yet discovered. 

Many children were redundant at home and had started loitering on the village, visiting friends regularly and others were forced to join business by their parents (Child labour) due to poverty as their parents were struggling to provide food and sustain their families.  There are a lot of risks associated with child labour and frequent movements aimlessly like Kidnapping, defilement, early marriages, early pregnancies, accidents, exposure to sexual immorality, peer groups among others leading to deaths and school dropout.

Wealthy parents in Uganda were able to buy their children smart phone for online studies whereas vulnerable children were left out as their parents could not even afford smart phones for their personal use. The only solution for keeping the needy children focused to studies and making them busy is teaching them skilling thus future sustainability and empowerment.

As a community charity based organization, Christ Our Vision has been able to empower several skills to the needy children like computer literacy, vegetable growing, counseling and guidance especially tips on how they can keep themselves and others safe from bad touches child abuse and sexual immorality.

We thank our esteemed partners and networks that have supported the Skilling projects here at Christ Our Vision Child care, May the lord bless you and fulfill your heart desires.

Would you wish to respond towards to skilling projects in Uganda, the door is open we need more computers, tablets and laptops so that we can promote education technology and eradicate computer illiteracy in Africa.

Please do not look any further but rather contacts us on;



What’s app: +256-751-311444

Twitter: @covccintl1

Instagram:  covcc.intl

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