School and Orphans’ homes

Father’s Children Nursery and Primary School

Our school ‘Father’s Children Nursery and Primary School’ educates students from Nursery to Primary 7 level (ages 3-14).

The school was founded in 2008, after it became difficult for us to continue sponsoring the orphans’ education at local government schools. Since 2008, we are proud to have grown to have around 130 students enrolled for the 2016 school year.

Many of our students are sponsored, which means that COVCC pays for all their education costs. These are orphaned and vulnerable children who, without our help, would not be able to receive a school education.

The school also welcomes day students from Kalagi and other areas, who are able to contribute through the partial or full payment of school fees.

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School buildings

Our classes started in a temporary structure under the shade of a mango tree! Since then, we have been able to establish three building blocks on our current premises:

Block A houses our administrative office and P1 & P2 classes in a shared classroom

Block B houses P3, P4 and P5 classes, and our head teacher’s office

Block C houses P6 and P7 classes, and Nursery classes in a shared classroom

These buildings are not yet up to the standards of a good primary school, and still need much improvement. We urgently need to upgrade the school’s pit latrines to a proper septic system. We would like to replace Block B, which is built from old iron sheets, with a permanent structure, waterproof the roof and install proper floors. We also need to partition the shared Nursery classrooms to minimise disruption, and equip the classrooms with better furniture and learning aids for the students. We warmly welcome visitors and donors who are able to help us with any school improvement projects.



School activities: “The Chosen” Choir & The Conquerors dance group

We encourage our children to learn actively, including through co-curricular activities such as arts, music, dance and sports. Each year we hold a school sports day, an inter-house debating contest, a school field trip  and a speech/prize-giving day.

African children are very rhythmical and musical. “The Chosen Choir” is the voice of COVCC. The Ministry also has a dance group called the “Conquerors”, who have been taught several choreographed dances by Ministry member Esther Mirembe. Please feel free to invite The Chosen Choir or the Conquerors to your church or function to bring joy and love into people’s hearts.



Boys’ and Girls’ Orphans Homes

Our Children’s Ministry started its mission looking after orphaned and vulnerable kids who had lost their parents, been abandoned, or were living in poor and neglectful conditions.

Today we have around 30 children who stay in our boys’ and girls’ homes. These children receive a fully sponsored education at Fathers’ Children Nursery and Primary school. The separate boys’ and girls’ homes are located close the school premises. Here, kids receive safe, clean shelter and daily meals to keep them healthy.



Future Plans

We have big ideas for our school! We have bought new acreage in a quiet and peaceful location just outside of Kalagi. This is where we hope to be able to expand our school in the future to develop better equipped classrooms, administrative and play areas, and boys and girls’ homes.

A constant challenge our students face when they near the end of primary school is finding support to continue their education and training. Many of our students can’t afford secondary school fees, and we have been trying to help students get bursaries or scholarships where we can. In the future our dream would be to expand our school to establish a secondary school and technical training centre, where students can continue their education of acquire skills for future employment.

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