Children: Our Inspiration

We are a Christian Children’s Ministry working to care for, educate and empower some of the many vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Uganda.


What we do

We run a Nursery and Primary school in Kalagi town, Mukono District, a severely AIDS affected area. We provide sponsored schooling for orphans who live in our girls’ and boys’ homes. We also welcome day students from Kalagi and further afar.
We empower widows and elderly by equipping them with self sustainability skills and provision of personal needs like food and clothing.




Our Vision

We aim to provide quality education to empower and foster the spiritual growth of our students. We seek to operate in a way that creates educational and economic opportunities for our community.


You can Help!

Your support can help us build a better school and reach more children in need. Visit us to meet our students and see our work! We hope to work with valued donors and volunteers who can contribute to our school and community improvement projects.
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