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Visit Us - 1If you are travelling to Uganda, please stop by our school and orphans’ homes and pay us a visit. Our kids love welcoming visitors with song and dance, and will be eager to ask you many questions!

You can spend a quick visit, an hour or an afternoon following a class or even try your hand at teaching English, maths or games. Kalagi is around 40 minutes from Kampala – a visit to the school can easily be added to your Uganda safari.

We also warmly welcome volunteers who would like to work with us for a longer period. Past volunteers have helped us with school construction projects, installation of solar lighting, teaching computer classes and providing sewing training.

We are eager to learn from the experience volunteers can share with us, particularly in the fields of teaching and school administration, vocational skills, construction and engineering, solar, water, farming and healthcare. These skills are the key to helping us become self-sustaining.

Samuel or Cate at our family-run company Prime Uganda Safaris will be more than happy to help you make visit arrangements. A share of profits from all Prime Safaris helps support our school and boys and girls homes.

Visit Volunteer 2

Bringing supplies

If you are coming to visit, one of the easiest ways you can help us is by bringing supplies for the school or orphans.

We always need basic learning marterials like chalk, dusters, coloured textas/markers, writing pens, pencils, other stationery and school exercise books.

Special needs you can help us with at the moment are:

–          Storybooks for reading (particularly basic reading books for Nursery – P1 – P2)

–          Sports equipment (particularly footballs and netballs)

–          Shoes and clothes for the orphans

–          Bedding, sheets and blankets for the girls dormitory

–          New or used laptop computers.

We teach the Uganda national curriculum, so school books and workbooks from other countries are not as useful as materials from Uganda.


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