Our Model

We started as a fully self-funded project. To maintain the school’s operations and continue to meet the orphans’ care needs, we now operate under a cooperative model:

Our Ministry is responsible for meeting the daily operating costs of the school and boys and girls orphans’ homes – covering food and shelter for the orphans, education costs for our sponsored students (clothing, uniforms, food, books, pens etc) and general administrative costs.

Our Community contributes where they can – some of our parents are able to contribute partially or fully to school fees, which goes towards the school’s running costs.

Our Donors are vital to helping our school grow and be better equipped. We are indebted to Mr Brian Stokes who sponsors our teachers’ salaries. Our other donors have contributed to school improvement projects – such as completing and roofing classrooms, buying classroom equipment and computers, and installing solar lighting and rainwater tanks.

It remains our goal to be financially self-sustaining, by pursuing projects that help sustain our school and orphans’ home, and create social and economic opportunities in our community. This includes plans for farming projects that can help feed our students and generate income, barter programs where parents can contribute in-kind (eg providing food or skills) in lieu of school fees, and projects that can improve the community (eg community solar charging stations, computer training and water projects).

But we still need help to make our school and orphans’ homes a well equipped, safe and sustainable learning environment. We believe that our valued donors can best help us by contributing toward school and community improvement projects that involve significant up-front costs, which we would not otherwise be able to afford and implement. We also warmly welcome volunteers who are able to contribute time, training or experience to making our school and orphans’ homes better. It is these efforts that can help our school to grow and become self-sufficient.

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