It is so sad that Uganda is undergoing a second phase of lockdown of 42 days, this time with a great effect on Schools and Churches. The president of Uganda has once again addressed the nation on matters concerning increasing positive cases of COVID19 Corona Virus thus a call for a second phase of Lockdown.

According to his speech, all school and higher institutions, Communal prayers that is churches and mosques, Public gatherings apart from cabinet sitting and Open markets MUST close for 42 days effective 8:00am on 7th/June/2021. Meanwhile all teachers are be vaccinated during this time of the lock down.

Travel across countries is suspended except Ugandans returning back, Public transport across districts is suspended effective 10th/June/2021 and private vehicles are to carry only 03 passengers including the driver but STOP inter-District movement.
Marriage ceremonies are to be handled scientifically, that is only 20 guests are allowed to attend the wedding inclusive of the bridal entourage.

Agricultural activities, Factories, Shopping malls, Arcades, supermarkets, food markets, salons and lodges are to continue operating with strict observance of Standard Operating Procedures.

30% of office staff is only allowed to stay at work run activities and Boda boda riders are to carry only one passenger.

Curfew for motorcycles is 6:00pm and for pedestrians 7:00pm.

In case one is caught violating the above Covid19 measures he/she is to pay a fine instead of filling up prisons.
Fortunately, all candidates and final year students had written their final examinations and sadly the semi candidates and lower primary pupils have never returned to school since the first lockdown on 18th/March/2020.
Would you wish to respond towards to children and community safety like sanitizers, washing cans , face masks, soaps , community awareness of any form among others Please do not look any further but rather contacts us on;
Email: covccintl@gmail.com
Website: www.covccintl.org
What’s app: +256-751-311444
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