The outbreak of a horrible COVID -19 pandemic has greatly affected the entire world origination from China hitting badly the western continents like America, Europe, Asia, Australia and steadily spreading throughout Africa by travelers and business men who had traveled abroad to transact business among others. Covid-19 disease symptoms are sore throat, fever, difficulty in breathing. Corona Virus can be spread through touching the soft parts of the body which are; eyes, nose, and mouth affecting the lungs leading to death however, the virus can also be prevented by staying at home to mixing up with people in crowded places who might have the virus, washing hands regularly with running water and soap, sanitize and disinfect surfaces, avoid close contact with people thus keeping your distance and wearing a face mask when in public places among others.

After Uganda’s ministry of health identifying the first Corona Virus positive case in Uganda , His Excellency the president of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressed the nation on 20th /March/ 2020 and he suspended all public gatherings like wedding, burial ceremonies, parties, political rallies, public and private means of transport, recreation centers, all schools, institutions, Universities, all religious gathering that is churches and mosques, business like salons, hardware, shopping mall, arcades, retail shops and he declared and nation lock down for one month as measures to prevent the spread of the virus and curfew from 7:00pm -6:00am to avoid high crime rate like robbery.

The only means of transport permitted to use were bicycles, motorcycles to carry cargo and not passengers, and cargo cars to carry food. Pharmacies and hospitals were also allowed to operate to take care of people’s health. Supermarkets, retails shops, food markets were allowed to operate to sell only food and keep the 4 meters distance so as to avoid the spread of Corona Virus.

As Christ Our Vision Child Care, we have decided to follow the president’s directives and temporarily close our primary school and keep safe the vulnerable children in the orphanage home safe to fight the epidemic

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