We thank you so much papa Victor and mama Carolyn for your urgent response to COVID-19 in Uganda-East Africa.  

Having read our face book post that the president of Uganda addressed the nation after having completed 75 days in total lock down and self quarantine, this lovely couple felt touched by the starvation of needy children and poor people in our community who were promised government food relief in vain. The local people were expecting the president in his speech to open up some measures of controlling the spread of Corona virus like opening up public transport as many of our Parents/guardians earn from selling mineral water and plantain( Gonja) through taxi car windows but instead the president extended the lock down for more 21 days!!!.

Papa Victor and Mama Carolyn sympathized with the situation of the needy children and parents/ guardians by donating food which included Maize floor, Rice, Beans, Sugar and washing soap for regular washing of hands. 40 families were reached in the community each receiving 10kgs of maize flour, 3kgs of beans, 2kgs of sugar, 1 kg of rice and a bar of soap.

The community was so happy about this urgent help and to them it was an answered prayer for they got what to feed their children as they waited for the situation to be back to normal.

As Christ our Vision Child care, a Christian church based Charity organisation we are proud to be the channel of feeding our precious community courtesy of our esteemed partners in such a trying moment when people most need God’s intervention in terms of food than ever before as it’s the main challenge in the community because people are not working any more yet schools closed and they are living with their children.

We still welcome more support and donation towards feeding the needy children and people in the community as there is a need for food relief for people to survive this effect of Covid-19.

Kindly contact us for more information;



What’s app: +256- 751-311444

Face book: Christ Our Vision Child Care Intl.

Twitter: @covccintl1

Instagram: covcc.intl

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