The president of Uganda Gen. Yoweri  Kaguta  Museveni  addresses the nation 18th.06.2021 on the increased  rate at which Covid19 is spreading resulting  542 deaths, scarcity of hospital beds and oxygen thus the need for a total lockdown to reduce the spread of Corona Virus.

In his address he set following guidelines that all Ugandans MUST observe and failure may lead to a penalty;

  1. All cross board boundaries and inter district movement of public transport and private transportation is banned for 42 days.
  2. All Cargo tracks are allowed to move by day and by night but MUST carry only the driver.
  3. Vehicles are allowed to move to move only by referrals, cleared by the Local Council (Patients only) public or private, health Centre. Passengers vehicles are banned. Boda bodas can carry patients
  4. Boda bodas to carry only cargo not passengers. Passengers are to stay at home.
  5. Ministry of Gender, Labor and social development is directed to quickly assess the vulnerable group
  6. Ministry of Health and Kampala City Council Authority to ensure that people who need care is taken care of , Resident District Commissioners to take care of the district level for patient evacuations
  7. A registered tourist vehicle is cleared to transport tourists.
  8. Boda bodas to stop operating at 6pm
  9. Curfew is from 7pm to 5:30am
  10. All institutions of learning remain closed for 42 days.
  11. Ministry of health encouraged to strengthen the Village Health Teams for easy referrals and identification (Bicycles could be )
  12. Local government ministry is directed to support the District task forces
  13. Entebbe international Airport remains open with more measures taken
  14. Cargo truck drivers to be tested at the boarders and allowed to continue with the journey
  15. Ministry of Works to reactivate parking points
  16. Food market vendors must stay at the places of work ( directed to stay at their places of work without going home  like in March 2020) Ministry of Health directed to provide nets to the vendors. Sharing of room is banned)
  17. Kikuubo trading areas and open markets are banned ( no attraction of crowds)
  18. Burials to be restricted to core family members (not more than 20 people)
  19. Bars , disco halls are banned
  20. 10% of workers to be enforced in none core work places.
  21. Factories should remain open ( workers to sleep at the work places)
  22. Places of worship remain remains suspended for 42 days
  23. Sectors to continue working; Agriculture, Industry, Cargo transportation, Health and medical services, utilities, retail shops, army, police.
  24. Village Health Teams directed to increase awareness and linkages
  25. All District task force should galvanized their efforts.


Thank you so much our  partners and friends the TFCM  for responding to our starving community in such a pandemic with  relief food. 200 families have been reached with each received 5kgs of Maize flour, I bar of soap and a facemask. The community was grateful for this relief because survival was challenging in such a total lockdown.

 we hoped that our government would support us but the government food relief program was for people in municipalities. 

Would you wish to respond towards to children and community welfare like food relief, sanitizers, washing cans , face masks, soaps, community awareness of any form  among others  Please do not look any further but rather contacts us on;



What’s app: +256-751-311444

Twitter: @covccintl1

Instagram:  covcc.intl

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