Term two schooling commences


Uganda was ranked among the top 20 countries with the highest number of days of full school closures between March 2020 and February 2021. During the first lockdown, media reproduced reports of child neglect and abuse – Sexual, physical, and psychological.  

In every school is a safe child, is a learning child. When schools close, children are at risk with marginalized ones paying a heavier price. Evidence shows that the children’s numeracy and literacy levels fall with many facing the risk of never attending school again. There are other risks like negative mental health, child labor, and sexual exploitation with many teenage girls becoming pregnant and being victims of early marriages. 

Realizing Uganda’s Vision 2040 will require among other things, investing in children’s future through sustainable education. Applause goes to the Government of Uganda for having done this when the COVID-19 vaccines first became available in the country and call for a continued commitment to the same, as teachers are part of the essential workers who have been prioritized for the vaccination.  

Our ministry partners TFCM have played a big role in safe term two of 2022 re-opening of Father’s Children Nursery and primary school under Christ Our Vision Child Care by purchasing Stationary, Food items, Metal detector, Nursery tables and chairs, single seat lockers, Lightening arrestors, water tank, Fire extinguisher, and renovating ministry main kitchen to ensure safety of children and safe environment on reporting.

According to the Uganda National Household Survey (2016), Uganda has a high rate of teenage pregnancy and early marriages. 34 per cent of women in Uganda are married before the age of 18 and 7.3 per cent before the age of 15. The rate of teenage pregnancy among adolescent girls aged 15–19 years is 25 per cent. Religious and cultural leaders should, therefore, use their platforms to appeal to parents and guardians to do whatever it takes to keep children in school. 

Children must be showered with love and encouragement. Parents and guardians can set aside time to play with their children and listen to their dreams and fears so that they can guide them.

There is need to ensure continued education, in a safe environment, for every child in the face of a changing and challenging world.

There is need for intentional and increased partnership to work towards making our schools safe for our children now and in the future. 


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