Generous donors have played a crucial role in improving our school and orphans’ homes. With limited electricity, no running water, and partly equipped classrooms, we still need help to create a safe and sustainable learning environment.

While COVCC strives to manage the daily running costs of the school, we value the contribution donors can make toward long-term school and community improvement projects that develop the infrastructure and self-sustainability of the school (learn more about Our Model).

We are so grateful for the Donorshelp that we have received to:

–          Complete our P1-2 and Nursery-P7 classroom blocks;

–          Install solar lighting in one of our classrooms and orphans’ home;

–          Upgrade the seats and tables for our little Nursery students;

–          Install two 10,000L tanks to collect rainwater;

–          Start a small (but growing) school library.

These improvements have made such a big difference to the lives of our kids and really brightened up the school!

We now urgently need help with a number of other projects to make our school and orphans’ homes a safe and positive environment for our kids:

–          Replacing the current pit latrines with a proper septic toilet block;Donations

–          Partitioning our Nursery classrooms to separate Baby, Middle and Top classes;

–          Completing our girls’ dormitory with plastering, windows and lighting;

–          Upgrading our timber & iron sheet P3-5 classrooms to a permanent block;

–          Connecting to a permanent water supply like a bore well;

–          Buying projector equipment so we can use our computers to assist classroom learning

–          Installing solar lighting and power for more of our classrooms blocks.

We would love to hear from you if you are able to contribute toward these (or other) school or community improvement projects!

We are working on setting up an online donation system through Pesapal. In the meantime, if you would like to help us by donating, fundraising or sponsoring please contact us!

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