Annual Sports Day 2022

Sports days are events organized by many offices and schools in which children participate in competitive sporting activities, always with the aim of winning prizes or trophies. Christ our vision child care organized for children  to participate in different  sporting events after having missed sports for two years due to the out break of Covid-19.
At Father’s Children Nursery & Primary School we use a house system a feature of the school is the competition between the houses that is Faith, Love , Joy and Peace this is especially brought out during sporting events such as an inter-house sports day.
 There were events like; Balloon burst, Chair dance, Sweet searching, Ring dancing, Sack race, Wheelbarrow style race, Ready for school, Egg and spoon races, Tyre riding, Banana peeling, Eating game, Bride making, Bottle filling, Bottle carrying and Hundred meters were held.
The main goal of sports days is to promote awareness about the importance of sports and being physically active in daily life, promote team work and discipline.
Sports Day is a very exciting and happy day that every child looks forward to. Every child can participate in different types of sporting events. Sports day is an occasion where pupils, teachers, and parents come together for a day of competitive sport. Some schools choose to offer medals or prizes to the winners of the various events, but for others, participation is its own reward.

The annual sports of our school took place on Friday 8th/July/2022 and we were humbled to have the Mayor for Nakifuma Naggalama Town Council His Worship Walusimbi Isa Nvule as the guest of honour and he was accompanied by his executive committee that comprised of Her worship Mirembe Esther (who doubles as Deputy Mayor and secretary for Education, Hon. Nantale Ruth (secretary for Finance), Hon. Muluuta Hussein (secretary for production), Hon. Martha Nasaazi (District women councilor) and the Area councilor Hon. Kyeswa Nicholas whose presence made the occasion colorful.

 The school sports patron Teacher  Adams presided over the annual sports Coach Mpanga Fred conducted the entire event, He was assisted house teachers.

The sports programme began at 11:00am and ended at 6:00pm.The spectators were parents and local leaders. Both children and parents were served with buffet lunch and a refreshment.
Different age groups participated in different events and finally the Mayor awarded the trophies and a he goat to the winning house (FAITH) and envelops to House Love, Joy and Peace respectively as they performed.

We appreciate the Tfcm that financed this event which was successful and brought smiles to many children and parents.

Please contacts us if you would wish to sponsor the education of a needy/ orphan child or an event and God will bless you abundantly as you will restore hope in the lives of an African Child.
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