A volunteer is a person who commits his time, resources and energy for the good of the organization and community. Many volunteers’ takes risks of traveling to Africa to offers free services to Uganda Children’s charities especially with those that support orphans and vulnerable children have a basic needs like food, shelter, clothes and education thus empowering vulnerable Children.

The main motive of Volunteering with Orphans and Vulnerable children is to help and it makes a positive impact on the lives of children especially when a certain project has been worked on. Besides creating a positive impact, Volunteering is rewarding for children and communities helped.

Some volunteers subscribe childcare programs because it is a way of testing out a particular career route so as to gain experience of finally decide whether they are comfortable working with children and some have turned out as Childcare professionals and successful teachers.

Through volunteering, people learn the depth of other new cultures especially when they live and work with local staff within the same community for they are treated like family members. In case there is a party, chances are that you will be given an invitation.

Zelai had a passion of volunteering with a Children’s charity and after having been recommended by a previous volunteer Charlota who is also her childhood friend. She went ahead and mobilized more four friends to join her on the trip to Uganda.

We were grateful to receive a team of five volunteers from Spain; Zelai, Beatriz, Gianna, Rocio and Marcos who spent a full week from 01-07August, 2022 with children and doing activities with them.

                                                                         This group focused on Painting which was successfully done. They bought lots of paint while here at a certain big hardware in Kalagi trading centre which was enough to paint kindergarten chairs and table as well as the Orphanage school and Children homes. The impact of school painting is so outstanding and it is the talk in the community because the school looks so fascinating! This team was so committed that on the last day of painting, they were caught up by time but decided to paint until dark used their phone lights to ensure that work was complete.

Besdides painting, Zelai and team had a lot of fun! Every morning they would have games with the children and the children loves being around these volunteers. The team taught children new games that they still play break time. Children also sang and danced for the volunteers which were adventurous for them to see how Ugandan Children do it.

Zelai and team opted to visit the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world which they actually visited and enjoyed stepping into the fresh waters. The team also had a safari to Murchison falls they had ultimate memories through www.primesafaris.com as associate to www.covccintl.org

This volunteer’s team became part of www.covccintl.org family and they were given Christian Luganda names like KWAGALA (Love), MIREMBE (Peace), BIRUNGI (Beautiful) SSANYU (Joy) and MUKISA (Blessing) according to their first appearance at Entebbe International Airport.

According to this team, volunteering was a challenging experience because they saw Uganda Vulnerable Children sharing with one another, speaking English language, very hospitable, love and care for the other and very appreciative!

So, if you have been asking how you can became a volunteer in Uganda? What can you offer to a charity?  Please look no further but contact us,  thus empowering Vulnerable children in Uganda.

Email: covccintl@gmail.com

Website: www.covccintl.org

What’s app: +256-751-311444


Instagram: covcc.intl

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