Christ our Vision Child Care Intl- 2019 Primary Leaving Examination results (P.L.E)

Christ our Vision Child Care Intl- 2019 Primary Leaving Examination results (P.L.E)


             Primary Seven Class 2018

We are grateful to God for the performance of our 10 of children who sat the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) at Father’s Children Nursery and Primary School-Kalagi. 2018. This was our 8th Class of sitting primary leaving examinations and indeed God did it again. Among the 10 children 4 scored Division one and 6 scored Division two.

Note that the best candidate at primary level scores 4 aggregates and the worst scores 36 aggregates while the best grade is Division one, followed by division two, division three, division four and the worst is ungraded.

The names of those children who passed in division one were; Daniel, Jackline, Joshua and Ibrahim whereas Emmanuel, Sarah, Gloria, Abraham, Monica and Betty passed in division two.

Among those candidates Daniel, Joshua and Sarah lived in our orphanages homes because they lost parents at infant stage so we needed to take them up seven years ago as their guardians would not afford offering essential services to them like medical, feeding and education.

PLEWe are grateful for the partners who have diligently stood with us in the noble cause of empowering the lives of orphans and vulnerable children through educational support and may the grant your heat desires. These children have dreams and special talent that me and you have to nature to come true so that they sustain themselves in the future and transform their communities. After primary level, a child who has passed in division one and two is expected to be joining high school provided that he/she is granted a sponsorship opportunity and unfortunately when we fail to get a sponsor for any child after primary we are sadly forced to automatically end sponsorship of a child due to limited funds and send him/her to his/her family. It costs USD 50 per month to sponsor a child in high school. This caters for tuition fees, functional fees, uniform fees, medical fees, feeding, some text books and some study trips. I believe you and me can make a difference in the lives of a vulnerable child through Christ Our Vision Child Care International.

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